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Our Witness is Yours

                                  Walk His Land, LLC.





Walk His Land is a specialty trip manager. We will provide expert detail for a successful Pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. We entrust our Pilgrimages with our professional staff in Israel and Portugal who have arranged hundreds of trips over two decades. We will provide your group with quality accommodations, surpassed service you've come to expect with a well-planned trip; to give you the most of your Pilgrimage.


As we all travel on our spiritual walk, may the next turn lead you to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.  Walk His Land wants to serve you and your group in this experience. Walk His Land will arrange the travel; while the Holy Spirit will guide you, as we journey into His land. Organizing Pilgrimages is our ministry; we invite you to experience a rewarding level of personal spiritual growth to walk and pray in His Land. A Pilgrimage, united in His Spirit. The Gospel will come alive as you recall every step of the journey!  You will return with unforgettable memories to cherish and share with others for your lifetime.


                                                                          ~ Walk His Land ~




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