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Walk His Land LLC

                         Nov 27- Dec 5, 2018 9 days $3899 **

                complete reservation form and mail to 

                             Walk His Land, LLC

                             107 Caravelle Ct.

                             Byron GA 31008


                 478.808.8067      call for fax number

Please reserve _______ space (s) on this trip. Enclosed please find deposit of ______ ($300 per person) Make check, cashiers check, or money order payable to

Walk His Land LLC.  Please enclose a copy of your passport with photo and name as it appears.

_______________________________________________________________                    _______________________________________________________________

Name as it appears on your passport (must be valid till TBD after)  Roommate is __________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________                      _____ please assign me a roommate


_______________________________________________________________                      _____ I prefer single room ($475)

City, State, Zip Code



** advance booking $3799



I am fully aware air fuel taxes and surcharges with the rate of exchange are

subject to change and agree if adjustment is needed I will pay the increase. signature_________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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